The geographical isolation of New Zealand, combined with the lack of any heavy industry and a low population, makes New Zealand one of the most perfect places to produce organic products. The unspoilt environment offers ingredients of a quality that is hardly found in other parts of the world.


Combined with a unique extraction process, we have created Valeo-Propolis - a product of superior quality.



  • contains a wide range of biologically active bioflavonoids
  • fortified with honey and bee pollen
  • contains no alcohol, no additives, is certified organic
  • uniquely processed to maintain the full potency of bee propolis
  • is suitable for both adults and children
  • has received an independent quality assessment of the highest degree



The valeo-process, a unique extraction process, based on pure spring water, honey and bee pollen, has been the breakthrough to maintain the full potency of bee propolis during harvesting. This special blend creates an environment where the health-giving properties are extracted in their natural state. The bee pollen add extra energy and strength, the honey gives Valeo-Propolis its pleasant taste. Valeo-Propolis is the first bee propolis suitable for children. The chances are actually very good that your children will love Valeo-Propolis.


The presence of biologically active bioflavonoids (galangin and pinocembrin, pinobanksin, pinobanksin 3-O-acetate) and phenolic compounds (mainly caffeic acids) are responsible for the anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activities of Valeo-Propolis. Not only leaves the valeo-process these important substances in their natural state, but it creates also fatty acids and their esters. These fatty acids are enhancing the health-giving properties of Valeo-Propolis.


The valeo-process has been developed with the help of the latest crystallization technology. The crystal images (see below) were the leading indications during the development process and helped to find the most gentle harvesting method.



An independent laboratory in Germany has continuously assessed the different results during the development phase. They have used the latest crystallization technology - a scientific method to evaluate the biological activity and health benefits of natural products.


These crystal images have helped us to develop an extraction process, that preserves the natural potency of propolis.


Organic Valeo-Propolis:

23 points 

- crystals are spread throughout the image
- high energy and strength 
- goodness and vitality is intense



Propolis extracted with water:

17 points 

- crystals are not completely formed
- low energy and strength
- goodness and vitality is week




Propolis extracted with alcohol:

8 points 

- large areas without any crystal formation
- no energy and strength 
- goodness and vitality is lost



“Valeo-Propolis achieves an evaluation in the top area of the quality scale, proving that it is of a quality which is rarely found nowadays. "

“The filigree forms of the crystals show that fine vital forces have worked into Valeo-Propolis in a way that is only found in high quality organic products. Areas without crystals would indicate a low vitality and are not found in the entire image of Valeo-Propolis, thus proving that Valeo-Propolis is of high vitality and has a superior product quality. "

"No signs of low vitality such as crystal free areas can bee seen. Therefore, it can be concluded that Valeo-Propolis is a fully vital product of perfect quality."


Here you can download the full report:


Valeo-Propolis Report.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document [667.4 KB]